ECDIS EC-8100/8600

Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECDIS EC-8100, EC-8600 with Track Control System


  • Complies with latest IMO standards. MSC.232(82)
  • Can be arranged as STAND ALONE or UNIT type.
  • In addition to the current Track Control System(TCS), Type approval for interface with new adaptive control (NCT) autopilot (HCS) is available.
    IMO/ MSC 74 Annex2 IEC62065 Category C.

  • Easy operation
    MENU operation is simple with easy to use tabs and related submenus allowing for superior operation.
  • Automatic creation of temporary route
    When automatic steering is initiated, a route is automatically created from the own ship position to the optional start position allowing the ship to easily enter the new route using Track Control System(TCS).
  • Improved installation
    With the addition of the new UNIT type model, smooth accommodation for console mounting and economical space saving installation is possible.
  • Pilot Control Unit (OPTION)
    Course change steering can be performed on the ECDIS during Track Control.
  • Remote ECS connection (OPTION)
    When connected to the ECDIS by LAN, it is possible to observe the ECDIS display and create routes etc. on the PC.

TCS Configration

TCS Configration


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