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Công ty cổ phần Điện tử Hàng hải

Mandatory Firmware Upgrade for the IsatPhone Pro

Inmarsat has released a mandatory firmware upgrade for the GSPS service on the IsatPhone Pro handset.  This latest version was released on November 16th 2012.  If you have purchased an IsatPhone Pro prior to this date you will need to read the below process for updating the firmware on your IsatPhone Pro handset.

 To check that you have the latest version on your IsatPhone Pro, select: Menu > Settings > About.
Directions for installation:

This is a Mandatory firmware upgrade, meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are vitally important for the GSPS service including the network and the IsatPhone Pro handset.  In order to update your phone you will need to download the Inmarsat Firmware Upgrade Tool as well as the latest version of Firmware.  Links to both downloads can be found below.  It is recommended that you save them to your Desktop or an easy to find location.

    If needed download the USB drivers here.
    Firmware Upgrade Tool
    Firmware V5.2.0

1) Once you have downloaded the Firmware Upgrade Tool and latest Firmware; Power on the IsatPhone Pro with a fully charged battery.  Connect the phone to the PC USB port using the cable that was supplied with the IsatPhone Pro.  Allow the PC to configure the USB drivers for the IsatPhone Pro. Once you have installed the USB drivers you must unplug the IsatPhone Pro from your computer before you proceed to step 2.

2) The Next step is to open the Firmware Upgrade Tool on your desktop, open the folder and double click on the Firmware Upgrade Tool application, this will start the install process for the IsatPhone Pro Upgrade Tool, follow the instructions to complete the install.

3) Firmware tool will begin and request to load the latest firmware. Click on the icon of the disc to the right in order to browse for the latest firmware which is on your desktop, open the Firmware and click next to proceed.  You may now plug the IsatPhone Pro back into the USB port on your computer.  You will need to plug in the handset and power it on in order to continue.

4) Check that your IsatPhone Pro is powered on and connected then click "Start Upgrade"

5) Allow several minutes for the phone to upgrade.  Wait for the Firmware Upgrade Tool to indicate "Device upgraded successfully".  Then click "Finish"

6)  At this time your phone should be upgraded to V5.2.0.  Our tech department recommends that you double check this completion by going to the settings in your phone:  Select Menu > Settings > About.  Make sure it now reads Firmware V5.2.0.  You should also make a test phone call to insure the working of the phone.  You can read about making a free test call on our Satellite Phone Blog.

More Information:

Inmarsat advises that per end of June this upgrade is absolutely critical as IsatPhone Pro phones that are not upgraded by 30th of June, 2013, will no longer be able to register and make/receive calls for handsets in the field Inmarsat recommends that firmware is distributed to all customers.

Fixes and enhancements in this release:

Improved Time Zone configuration

Network operation related enhancements

Japanese Character completion

Twitter Application

Large SMS (multi segment SMS)

Fix to display of Class 3 SMS messages received from BGAN